Good Morning Member,   Our Nasdaq alert from yesterday morning, Cogint, Inc. (COGT), opened the day at $4.20, hit a low of $4.10, and rallied to highs of $4.65 near the end of the day for more than 10% in gains so far. COGT closed the day near highs at $4.60 on strong volume and we will continue to monitor for a continued move to the upside. According to… Read More

New Alert: Cogint, Inc. (NASDAQ: COGT) Last Close: $4.10 Good Morning Member,   Cogint, Inc. (COGT) is our new Nasdaq alert that has strong potential for upside from current levels. COGT released earnings earlier this month on November 8th and since, the stock has pulled back to very attractive levels.   The company posted record revenues in Q3 earnings where its net loss… Read More

Hello Member, Our last 3 alerts have combined for 130% in max gains for average gains of 43% per alert. These 3 alerts are still up a combined 77% from our initial alerts. Congrats if you took advantage of any of these gains. You can catch up and review our recent alerts here. Tomorrow morning we plan… Read More

Hello Member,   Our Nasdaq alert from Tuesday morning, Vuzix Corporation (VUZI), is making a nice move today up 10% and trading at the high of the day, $6.55. VUZI is nearing Tuesdays high of $6.69 and we believe this is a good company to keep on watch for continued momentum.   From a chart perspective, VUZI could experience another near term rally if it breaks through yesterdays… Read More

New Alert: Vuzix Corporation (NASDAQ: VUZI) Last Close: $5.95 ​​​​​​​ Good Morning Member, Vuzix Corporation (VUZI) is our new Nasdaq alert and this technology company has major potential in a segment that Apple’s CEO believes “is going to change the way we use technology forever.” This segment is Augmented Reality (AR) and VUZI has a strong position in this segment… Read More

Hello Member,   Citius Pharmaceuticals (CTXR) once again broke to new highs yesterday of $5.20 and this morning has hit highs of $5.49 so far. This accounts for 77% gains from our alert price of $3.10 last Monday, October 30th. CTXR has now hit new highs for six straight days on strong volume.   CTXR is currently trading near highs and is nearing the 200 day moving average… Read More

New Alert: Citius Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ: CTXR) Last Close: $2.94 ​​​​​​​ Good Morning Member,   Citius Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (CTXR) is our new Nasdaq alert and we believe this company has great potential in the biotech space.   CTXR is a specialty pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development and commercialization of therapeutic products for large and growing markets.   Citius… Read More

Good Morning Member, Our Nasdaq alert from yesterday morning, INPX, experienced more than 45% gains yesterday after opening at .34 and rallying to highs of .50 near the end of the trading session on much higher than average volume. Congrats to all who took advantage! Below is the daily chart on a 2 month period. INPX experienced higher highs and higher… Read More

New Alert: Inpixon (NASDAQ: INPX) Last Close: $.30 ​​​​​​​ Good Morning Member,   Today we have a new short term trade idea that we believe is in a strong position for upside right now.   INPX is our new Nasdaq alert that has a small float of 10M according to Yahoo Finance.   INPX is a low priced bottom reversal play… Read More

New Alert: xG Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: XGTI) Last Close: $1.67 Good Morning Member,   This morning we have a new short term trade idea that we believe is in a strong position for upside right now. Our last low float Nasdaq alert gained 50% in 3 days.   XGTI is our new Nasdaq alert that has a small float of 11M… Read More